Why Have We Contacted You?

We bridge the divide between you and your unclaimed benefit


Why have I been contacted by Erin Research?2021-06-08T22:22:39+01:00

If we have contacted you, it is most likely because we have reason to believe you may be due a benefit. We do not trace people for any other reason than to bring positive news.

Is Erin Research an Irish company?2021-06-08T22:24:51+01:00

Yes, Erin Research is an indigenous Irish company, established to service a number of sectors that benefit from our expertise.

How did Erin Research come to be involved in my case?2021-06-08T22:27:35+01:00

In the vast majority of cases, we are instructed by either a law firm or other body that is seeking to trace beneficiaries of an estate or an unclaimed benefit or policy.

How can I be sure that this is genuine and not a hoax or scam?2021-06-24T20:01:42+01:00

We are Ireland’s leading probate research and tracing firm. There is plenty of information about us on the internet that should help reassure you.

We are trusted and instructed by legal professionals and other corporate entities across Ireland and from overseas.

At no point will we ever ask you for money and/or bank details.

As we speak to you about your case, it will become clear that the matter is genuine.

What happens now that you have found me?2021-06-22T16:43:27+01:00

We will work with you to prove your entitlement and will refer your verified contact details back to whoever instructed us to trace you.

How long does the entire process take?2021-06-08T22:32:22+01:00

If waiting on probate to be administered, it can be a lengthy process. If not, you may receive your benefit pretty swiftly.

Does your firm remain involved throughout the entire process?2021-06-08T22:32:44+01:00

Yes, we will remain involved until such a time as you receive your benefit, keeping you informed of progress at regular intervals throughout.

Do I need to pay any money, or am I at risk of any financial loss?2021-06-08T22:33:22+01:00

No, you do not need to pay anything, and you are at no risk of financial loss. Our fee is paid by the referring party upon conclusion of the case.

I’ve been contacted by a firm of “heir hunters”, what should I do?2021-06-22T20:28:16+01:00

If you have been contacted by anyone in relation to an inheritance matter, you are welcome to call us to discuss the matter in confidence.

We regularly advise Irish people in such circumstances if they receive a call from a firm overseas.

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