Unknown Next-of-Kin

Tracing Next of Kin Worldwide

If a person dies intestate, anyone that is entitled to benefit under the laws of intestacy will need to be identified and traced before an application for probate can be made.

When it arises that the next of kin of a deceased person is unknown, this can delay the administration process significantly. It is important therefore that research to trace missing beneficiaries gets underway without delay.

In some cases, certain family members will already be known and only those missing will need to be traced. In other circumstances, the details of any next of kin might be completely unknown and the entire family tree will need to be researched.

We often hear the term “there is no next of kin”, and while it may be the case that the no living people are aware of any blood relatives of a deceased person, it is rare that the bloodline dies out completely.

When conducting research to trace missing or unknown next of kin, an in-depth knowledge and understanding of succession law is vital so as to ensure that the correct beneficiaries are identified.. Determining who should inherit under intestacy can become complex, especially when dealing with an extended family tree.

Upon conclusion of our research, we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing verified contact details of all entitled relatives under intestate law. We can also assist in obtaining a variety of probate insurances which will indemnify the administrator and beneficiaries against a variety of risks that may occur at a future date.