Repair & Leasing

Government initiative to encourage reuse of vacant properties

If you are a vacant home owner or a property investor, you may be interested in the Repair and Leasing initiative.

The Repair and Leasing Scheme was devised to bring vacant properties in need of repair, back into use for social housing. The scheme is aimed at owners of vacant properties who cannot afford the repairs needed to bring their property up to the standard required to rent it out.

If your vacant property is suitable for social housing, the cost of necessary repairs is paid up-front by the local authority or housing body. You then lease, or make the property available, to the local authority or AHB, who will use it for social housing. You will get an agreed rental payment from the local authority or AHB and the value of the repairs will be gradually offset against this rental payment over a specified period.

If you notice a vacant home in your area, you can report this to us via our website

We identify suitable vacant properties for social housing leasing, and work with owners and investors  seeking to avail of the R&L scheme.