Items for Safekeeping

Items in safe custody

Many financial institutions have been the custodians of a variety of items that have been stored for safe keeping on behalf of customers.

It may have happened that the owner of a particular item has passed away and no one is aware that the asset exists or is trying to make a claim for ownership.

In circumstances such as these, we offer a unique service whereby we can identify who the owner may have been, before establishing who the next of kin of that person might be.

There are many scenarios that can arise in terms of who might benefit. Our service will identify the closest next of kin if the owner passed away intestate. Equally, if they died testate, we will follow the chain of representation to ensure we locate persons entitled to handle the matter on behalf of the deceased owner.

In order to prove a would-be entitled beneficiary’s relationship to the deceased owner, we will provide you with a detailed report containing all relevant supporting documentation linking that person directly to the owner.