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Are you a life insurance provider, or trustee or administrator of a pension scheme?

We offer a world-class service when it comes to locating missing beneficiaries.

Our Services

We offer a number of bespoke services to the life insurance and pensions industries.

  • Check to see if your policy holder or pension scheme member is living or deceased You may need to determine whether a policy holder or scheme member is still living or whether he or she has passed away. Depending on the circumstances, it may be difficult to prove [...]

  • Check whether a policy holder or pensioner resides at the address on file As a life insurance provider or pensions scheme, you may have a number of  policy holders or pensioners that remain unresponsive to correspondence. Alternatively, you may wish to simply update your existing contact listings. Our [...]

  • Have you lost contact with existing pension scheme members? It can happen for a variety of reasons that some members will have lost all communication with their former employees, and trustees and administrators are unaware of their whereabouts. As these people are approaching the age of retirement, you [...]

  • Tracing Post-Retirement Pensioners In some cases a pensioner may not have come forward to claim their pension. This could be for a number of reasons; The pensioner may not be aware they are due an entitlement The pensioner may have moved jobs years previously and believed their entitlement [...]

  • Tracing Deferred Members As a trustee, your scheme may be dealing with a number of cases of deferred pension members. Some deferred pensioners may be residing at the same address on file but will be unresponsive. Others may have moved address and reside elsewhere in Ireland or possibly [...]

  • When a pension scheme member or life insurance policy holder dies It may happen that a member of a pension scheme passes away prior to reaching the age of retirement. When this occurs, there may be a benefit payable to the next of kin of the deceased member. [...]