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Probate Services

  • Finding Missing Beneficiaries If you are a solicitor or a legal personal representative administering a testate estate, you may encounter a scenario where you are having difficulty locating a beneficiary named in a Will. In some cases, multiple beneficiaries will need to be traced. Depending on when the [...]

  • Tracing Next of Kin Worldwide If a person dies intestate, anyone that is entitled to benefit under the laws of intestacy will need to be identified and traced before an application for probate can be made. When it arises that the next of kin of a deceased person [...]

  • Checking a Family Tree If your client has conducted their own research and created a family tree showing who they believe are entitled beneficiaries, it is always advisable that their work is checked by a firm of professional genealogists. In some cases, the research provided will be accurate. [...]

  • Tracing an Administrator for an Unclaimed Estate Erin Research provides this previously unavailable service to legal practitioners and personal representatives in Ireland. When someone passes away with no known next of kin, it can occur that the Deceased's solicitor does not have a client from whom to take [...]

  • Obtaining Missing Documents, Certificates and Probate Papers We offer a useful service to solicitors, executors, administrators and members of the public that are seeking to retrieve missing documents that might delay the administration of an estate. Such documents would include births, marriage and death certificates (both in Ireland [...]

  • Find a Missing Will Our missing will service is designed for a number of circumstances; a) To locate a will if it is thought that a deceased person may have had a will but none can be found b) To look for a will when a will exists [...]

  • Claims for Adverse Possession When assisting your client with an adverse possession application for land or property, the Property Registration Authority may request that all next of kin of the last known property owner be traced. You may need to prove the lineage between the last-known registered owner [...]

  • CPD for Irish Solicitors Erin Research works closely with the Irish legal profession to provide probate-related Continuous Professional Development lectures on an on-going basis. We work with the leading probate industry experts in Ireland in order to provide quality educational content to Irish solicitors via our Probate Experts [...]

  • Property Services for Solicitors When administering an estate, your client as executor or administrator will have a duty to protect the value of any assets. In the majority of circumstances, that asset will be the family home of the Deceased. We offer the following property services to the [...]

  • Your Content Goes Here Checklist, Pricing and Terms & Conditions To avail of our pre-probate checking service, please complete the form below and submit for our attention. Prior to submitting your application, please note the following; We ask that you review our Fee Options below, as [...]

Probate Services