Missing Will Service

Find a Missing Will

Our missing will service is designed for a number of circumstances;

a) To locate a will if it is thought that a deceased person may have had a will but none can be found

b) To look for a will when a will exists but it is thought a more recent will may may have been written by the Deceased

c) To check that no will exists, even if the legal personal representative is convinced that the Deceased did not make a Will.

It is important that such checks are conducted as a matter of course during the estate administration process.

It is also important to note that certain insurance policies exists to protect legal personal representatives(LPRs) against a will ever turning up after an estate has been administered.

In order to obtain the Missing Will Insurance policy, a number of checks have to be carried out so at to satisfy the underwriter before they will issue any policy. Erin Research will conduct all such checks on behalf of solicitors and LPRs so as to facilitate the issuing of a missing will policy.

The policy then protects the LPR and beneficiaries against a will turning up in the case of intestacy, or against a more recent will turning up to the one which was seen as the most recent valid will at the time when the estate was administered.