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Worldwide tracing of owners and beneficial owners of unclaimed accounts

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Our services extend to the financial services sector. We assist banks, credit unions, insurance companies and building societies when they need to trace the owners of unclaimed accounts.

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  • Check whether someone is living or deceased As a financial institution, you may need to determine whether an account holder is still living or whether he or she has passed away. Depending on the circumstances, it may be difficult to prove whether a customer has died. In some [...]

  • Keeping in contact with customers If you have lost contact with an account holder or customer and they are non-responsive to any communications, you may wish to verify whether they are still residing at the address on file. Our address verification service has two stages; Verify whether account [...]

  • Items in safe custody Many financial institutions have been the custodians of a variety of items that have been stored for safe keeping on behalf of customers. It may have happened that the owner of a particular item has passed away and no one is aware that the [...]

  • Tracing next of kin or legal personal representatives As a financial institution, you may be aware that a particular customer has passed away. As time goes on, it may appear that no one has come forward to lay claim to their assets. In the event that a legal [...]

  • Finding owners/beneficial owners of dormant accounts When an account lies unused for in excess of 15 years, it becomes what is known as a dormant account. There are many reasons why an account might become dormant; The account holder may be deceased The account may have been forgotten [...]

  • Finding beneficial owners of unclaimed assets It can happen that a deceased person's assets remain unaccounted for and go unclaimed for a considerable period of time, sometimes indefinitely. Depending on whether a deceased person made a will or not, their assets should be distribute either according to their [...]