Deferred Pensions

Tracing Deferred Members

As a trustee, your scheme may be dealing with a number of cases of deferred pension members.

Some deferred pensioners may be residing at the same address on file but will be unresponsive. Others may have moved address and reside elsewhere in Ireland or possibly even overseas.

It can sometimes be difficult to assess whether deferred members are living or deceased. Tracing their whereabouts if living can be onerous, time-consuming and a drain on primary resources.

Some deferred members will not yet have reached the age of retirement, but nonetheless, you may wish to ensure that you have verified contact details for in advance of their pension benefit becoming payable.

Other deferred members will be past the age of retirement and have not yet claimed their pension benefit.

Regardless of the circumstances, we work with trustees and administrators to ease this extra burden, tracing deferred members across Ireland and abroad.