Family Tree Check

Checking a Family Tree

If your client has conducted their own research and created a family tree showing who they believe are entitled beneficiaries, it is always advisable that their work is checked by a firm of professional genealogists.

In some cases, the research provided will be accurate. When this is the case, we will provide a report stating that the information provided has been verified and is correct.

On other occasions, the research will be incomplete, or may have mistakes or omissions on the family tree. When this occurs, we will bring the errors to your attention and advise on how to best proceed to rectify the matter.

Once we have identified any new entitled beneficiaries, we will trace their whereabouts and provide you with a conclusive report.

In order to mitigate your risk, we would always recommend you seek professional help to verify the family tree, which can then lead to obtaining a probate indemnity based on our research.

The intention is to ensure the safe and accurate distribution of funds, and to protect you and your clients at all times.