S.49 Applications

Claims for Adverse Possession

When assisting your client with an adverse possession application for land or property, the Property Registration Authority may request that all next of kin of the last known property owner be traced.

You may need to prove the lineage between the last-known registered owner named on a folio to the applicant. This can span several generations and depending on the names and locations, can be quite onerous to prove.

In other cases, you may need to verify or build an entire family tree and trace all would-be-entitled next of kin of the last-known registered owner.

You may have submitted your file to the Property Registration Authority, and it has been returned with queries regarding the next of kin. We can preempt such queries by tracing any next of kin in advance of submitting any application.

Erin Research has completed numerous S.49 cases and has helped solicitors and their clients gain adverse possession in a variety of circumstances.