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It is sometimes the case that people pass away with no known next-of-kin. Under such tragic circumstances, Erin Research is able to assist the public sector in tracing family relatives, often within 24 hours.

We work with local authorities, coroners, hospitals and financial institutions when they encounter a scenario whereby a deceased person’s relatives need to be traced.

If a city or county council experiences the unfortunate circumstance where a person dies and their next of kin are unknown, we offer our probate genealogy and tracing services free of charge to that referring authority.

Our aim is to assist that city or county council in finding family relatives as quickly as possible. We often trace next of  kin within 24 hours which then enables that person to notify other known family members of the Deceased’s passing.

Availing of this service often means that the Deceased’s extended family relatives can attend the funeral and give that person a dignified final farewell.

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Vacant Homes

We research ownership of hundreds of empty homes

Details of vacant properties are logged with us by concerned members of the public. We liaise with local authorities regarding properties suitable for social housing.

Tracing Owners

We specialise in identifying and tracing vacant property owners

Genealogical and Probate Research

As a firm of international probate genealogists, we can locate vacant property owners or beneficials owners wherever they may be worldwide

Repair & Leasing

Government initiative to encourage reuse of vacant properties

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We identify suitable vacant properties for social housing leasing

Buy & Renew

We can introduce owners seeking to sell their property

Assistance with Acquisitions

Vacant property owners sometimes approach us seeking to sell their property. We can refer these people to local authorities when suitable.

Public Funerals

Tracing family relatives in time for funerals

Unknown Next of Kin

We trace the Deceased’s nearest next of kin so that the family relatives have an opportunity to attend their funeral. Research is conducted at our own expense.


We offer a Free training seminar to housing staff


We have a tailored training programme that teaches housing staff the skills to identify ownership of vacant properties, and how to trace those owners or their relatives


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We work with coroners, hospitals, funeral directors and housing bodies should they ever encounter an unfortunate scenario whereby a deceased person’s next of kin are unknown and need to be identified and traced.

We often trace unknown next of kin within 24 hours.