Host Padraic Grennan gets up close and personal with legal and business professionals about starting out, their entrepreneurial journey, and where they’re headed.

#2 A Paradigm Shift

October 12, 2020

Padraic Grennan speaks to solicitor, author, webinar host and legal marketing guru Flor McCarthy, Managing Partner at McCarthy & Co. Solicitors, about pivoting after the crash, navigating through Covid, why we are not going back to the way things were, and the most important asset for any business – the list.

#1 Put ‘Em Under Pressure

October 12, 2020

John Geary, Managing Partner of JV Geary Solicitors in Castlebar, speaks to host Padraic Grennan about his first 10 years in private practice, editing a quarterly legal magazine, growing up in a hotel and collecting grasshoppers for soccer icon Jack Charlton