Property Services

Property Services for Solicitors

When administering an estate, your client as executor or administrator will have a duty to protect the value of any assets. In the majority of circumstances, that asset will be the family home of the Deceased.

We offer the following property services to the Irish legal profession;

  • Will Search: We will inspect a property on your behalf and perform a diligent search for a will or any other important documentation that might be relevant to the administration process
  • Secure Property: Ensure that all access points are secure, arranged for the property to be either boarded up securely or alarmed and monitored, depending on requirements.
  • Insured: We can arrange for a vacant property insurance policy to protect against break-ins or anti-social behaviour
  • Regular Checks: We can perform regular site visits to ensure the integrity of the property remains in tact while the probate process in underway
  • Sale of Property: We can assist with the sale of the property through our network of partner estate agents nationwide