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As part of our ongoing commitment to Irish solicitors, Erin Research hosts a regular series of probate-related webinars, featuring many of the sector’s top legal professionals. Each webinar is CPD-accredited and equates to 1 General CPD point by e-learning. CPD Certificates of Attendance are issued to practitioners upon receipt of confirmation of viewing a replay in its entirety.

These videos are restricted to the legal profession and are not for public viewing. If you are a solicitor or barrister and you wish to view a replay of any of our webinars, please click the link below your chosen video to request a password.





    1. Would you consider digitising your will bank if the correct GDPR and security protocols were in place?

    2. What would be your main concern surrounding digitising your old wills?
    GDPRSecurity of the platformTrust in the providerNone, I would be happy to do it

    3. How would you consider your attitude towards considering new technologies for your legal practice?
    I'm not very tech savvy so don't try any new technologiesI don't have the time to try and figure out how it all worksI think tech is just another overhead I don't needI am open to trying new technologies if it's easy to use and the price is rightI thrive on technology and really see the benefits of using various platforms

    4. Approximately how many wills does your firm currently hold?
    < 10001000-20002000-30003000+

    5. Do you think an offline version of the SA2 form would be of much benefit to your firm and would you use it?

    Thursday 25th February 2021 – Kate Thorp 

    “Eliminating Risk in Estate Administration”

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    Thursday 18th February 2021 – Lydia McCormack

    “Advising Clients on Strategic Philanthropy”

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    Thursday 28th January 2021 – Aileen Keogan

    “Foreign Succession & Estates”

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    Thursday 21st January 2021 – Aileen Curry

    “The Fair Deal Scheme”

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    Thursday 3rd December 2020 – Anne Stephenson

    “When Disclaimers Work, and When They Don’t!”

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    Thursday 26th November 2020 – Shane Galligan, Behan & Associates/Margaret Horan, Currencies Direct

    “The Dos & Don’ts of Legal Costs”

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    Thursday 19th November 2020 – Mark Bradshaw, Revenue Commissioners

    “Updates to SA2 Form”

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    Thursday 22nd October 2020 – Declan Whittle, BL

    “Administration of Assets”

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    Thursday 15th October 2020 – Richard Hammond, Hammond Good Solicitors

    “Will Writing – Tips & Traps”

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    Thursday 8th October 2020 – David Hickey, Curry & Hickey Solicitors

    “EPAs – How Much Can You Endure?”

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    Thursday 17th September 2020 – Maria Lakes, Tracey Solicitors

    “The Weird & Wonderful – Unusual Probate Challenges””

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    Thursday 10th September 2020 – Andrea McNamara, O’Connell Brennan Solicitors

    “The Uses of Discretionary Trusts in Estate Planning”

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    Thursday 3rd September 2020 – Anne Heenan (Deputy Probate Officer) & Roisin McKevitt (Revenue Commissioners)

    “Probate Form SA.2”

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    Thursday 30th July2020 – Christopher Lehane BL

    “Applications Under S.117 Succession Act 1965”

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    Thursday 23rd July 2020 – Aileen Curry, Curry & Hickey Solicitors

    “The Role of Committee and State in Wardship”

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    Thursday 16th July 2020 – John Glennon BL, Probate Officer

    “Updates from the Probate Office”

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