Succession Rights in Ireland – Challenging a Will; Applications under S.117 Succession Act 1965

In Ireland, there is no automatic right to any share in a deceased parent’s estate if they die testate – that is, having made a will. If a child feels they have been left out of a will or has a case to take to seek further provision, the legislation that allows this is Section [...]

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A Ward of Court – Role of the Committee explained

Erin Research works with solicitors to help trace next-of-kin, beneficiaries and confirm family trees, usually in cases where a person has died and an Estate is being distributed. On occasion, Erin Research is tasked with finding next-of-kin for a person who is still living, a person who may be a Ward of Court. When a [...]

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Help with New Statement of Affairs (Form SA2); replacing the Inland Revenue Affidavit (Form CA24)

Erin Research recently hosted a webinar for solicitors across Ireland in relation to the new online format being introduced by the Revenue Commissioners for probate applications. Managing Director Padraic Grennan spoke with Roisin McKevitt of the Revenue Commissioners and Anne Heenan of the Probate Office regarding the changes to the new format which will take [...]

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Applying for Probate in Ireland

 Applying for Probate in Ireland: Nine Things to Remember In Ireland, if a person owns property and assets when they die, the executor of their estate must apply for a Grant of Probate to the Probate Office to divide up these assets according to the Deceased’s wishes. The property and assets cannot be divided up [...]

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